Outside during play time, Cristian held both ends of the string and tried to make the green button spin around fast on the string. Most of the children got the hang of it and Christian did too, with a little help. When someone gently moved Cristian’s hands close to the left side of his face, up next to his left eye, his spinning got faster. At home Cristian doesn’t wear his bandana, exposing the tumor that caused discoloration on his face, the right side of his face around the eye to swell and his right eye to remain shut.

Cristian lives in a rural area outside Teguicgalpa, Honduras. We met Cristian while on a mission trip in Honduras. He is one of about 30 children who attend a preschool hosted at Camp Betel. Betel is owned and operated by a husband and wife team who wanted to give local believers a place to come for retreats and conferences. Betel is also working to offer a feeding program for the children at the preschool.

Cristian and the children in this community often do not have enough to eat. Many do not have medical care and most will not finish high school because they cannot afford uniforms and books.

The poverty we saw in Honduras was overwhelming. After we left we knew we could not come home and continue with life as normal, knowing Cristian and the other children could not even eat three meals a day. We cannot change all the issues of poverty in Honduras. We know we won’t be able to change all the issues Cristian and the others in his community face every day. But we can do something.

Long-term vision
We invite you to help us make a difference in this community. We are starting simple, with this one village in Honduras. Our prayer is that we will be able to take the idea of Simple Matters to other communities around the world.

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