Simple Matters’ New Partnerships

Simple Matters has begun new partnerships with two organizations that are ministering alongside us to the children of Honduras.

One of our new partners is Health Matters, an organization whose target population is pregnant women and children ages 0-3.  Health Matters exists to provide accessible health care to these women and children in rural areas of Honduras. By offering services such as HIV screening, pregnancy tests, health education, prenatal care and well baby check ups, Health Matters is committed to provide much-needed medical care for this vulnerable demographic group resulting in better health and a decreased mortality rate.

The other organization is the Cookie Project, a project for malnourished children in rural Honduras.   The Cookie Project works with Honduran families to eliminate malnutrition, providing nutritional supplements using resources indigenous to Honduras.  Long term health and hygiene solutions are promoted through teaching nutrition and gardening classes, constructing concrete floors, building outhouses, showers and washing stations in and around homes with dirt floors, and administering deworming and Vitamin A programs.

We are excited about the way that God is working in the lives of children in Honduras, and how God has brought our organizations together to do His work.   Join us in this exciting journey and experience what God is doing!

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